Are you using social media to search for insurance?

Are you using social media to search for insurance?

I really love the interaction that social media gives today, to find new friends, old friends and long lost friends.

But I also tend to use it for my insurance business, somewhat successful but not compared to the time I put into it. I like to ask questions, give out good information and insurance tips along the way. Trying t be an educator instead of a salesman. I think the more you know, the better informed decisions you can make about insurance.

Matter-of-fact, I am puttng together a white paper called “The 7 things you need to know before buying any insurance“.  It will strictly be an educational piece designed to make the consumer a better informed one. There is too much garbage being throw about online, on TV, on radio that it confuses most people.

Insuranceshouldn’t be a commodity where the lowest price wins.

Your at-fault auto accident
How much insurance do I have?

When you cause an accident like on the right, would you now want good coverage or the lowest priced one? I like to here: What if this happened, would I be covered for it? Than: Guess what just happened? Insurance has so many risk factors, you shouldn’t be comparing you neighbors policy to yours. Different cars & houses, different drivers, different ages, different toys (boats, ATV, Rec vehicles, snowmobiles) and different lifesytles. You like to entertain and have lots of parties – probably need an umbrella insurance policy.(I would recommend one in that case)Your neighbors have no kids, no toys, drive 2 conservative cars, don’t drink…totally different risk factors there. Today’s insuranceconsumer is wise to seek information online and educate themselves better but also seek professional advice when actually putting a plan in place.

 You work too hard for the things you have, to have them taken away in 1 wrong turn, 1 misplaced fireplace log, 1 dinner party guest getting too drunk. Smart consumers use the information they find online to better inform themselves, then make their insurance coverage decisions. Accidents happen to everyone. It is how you are protected that makes all the difference in the world. 

Are you using social media to search for insurance?

You should but only for the knowledge. Just as you wouldn’t act as your own lawyer, don’t act as you own insurance agent either. Life is too risky.

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