Customer Service in 2013.

Customer Service in 2013.

Isn’t it amazing in today’s “social media” world, that many companies still think the Press 2, Press 4, Press 1 answering phones is Customer Service! People want to deal with people, not a machine. This is not customer service.

You know what Disney thinks is customer service AND marketing? Clean bathrooms. Clean bathrooms says everything about Disney. The viral things said about this are incredible and it spreads.

So why do many of the insurance companies I deal with, still insist on the automated answering service. They see it as a cost savings feature – I see it as a total lack of seeing the bigger picture. Anytime you can “touch” a customer, you have a chance to impress them. And that impression can either be a good one or bad one.

At my office – Larsen insurance – we answer our phones LIVE and do not use voicemail (except after hours). I want the phone picked up by the 3rd ring and answered by using their 1st name. We also have Thank You cards at everyone’s desk and they are encouraged to send a Thank You card anytime there is a positive interaction with a customer.

More people should really look at what they call customer service and how it relates to everything they do.

It could make the difference between a growing business and a stagnant one.

By Tom Larsen

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