Death’s door – was it a good life?

I have to go to a funeral in 20 minutes or so, it brought to mind – was this life terrific?

This is my brother-in-laws dad, 86 years old, veteran and seemed like a good guy. I wasn’t close to him, didn’t know much about his life, so am not here to judge.

Just to ask a question – was this life a great one?

Did I raise great kids? Did I spend enought time with them? Did I teach them the right values to live by? Are they contributing to society?

How about others – did I inspire others? Did I do enough to help them? Did I give of my time?

Is it all for the money?
Money is good if used correctly.

Was my life worth living? Was my ego checked and spirit free to give?What would others have to say? Is it about more, more, more – or something more? I am challenging myself to give more – more time, more money, more of self going forward. At 55 years old, more than 1/2 my life is gone, it is time to re-start my 2nd phase in life. You?

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