How a Dirty Jokes at Work Can Hurt You.

How a Dirty Jokes at Work Can Hurt You.

Sexist jokes about women
Sexist Jokes

You own a successful restaurant and have a good management team in place. One of your manager’s loves telling jokes. He tells a joke to a female waiter as follows:

”¬†How are women and tornadoes alike? They both moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave”.

Your business just became vulnerable to a potential insurance claim if that waiter was offended in any way.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (E.P.L.I.) is one of the fastest growing insurance segments due to incidents like the above. Liable, slander, improper firing, age discrimination are just a few of the insurance coverage’s in E.P.L.I. Your general liability insurance for your business does NOT cover a claim like this.

So a successful business that employs several layers of management, would be wise to invest in an E.P.L.I. policy. Your biggest threat to your business is your employee’s not the general public. They can do so much damage, from theft, to your reputation to harrassing other employees.

Employment practices liability insurance can help protect you from things going on in your business that you don’t have control over. Or even know about.

By Tom Larsen

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