Goals – Are you really seeing your goals?

Do you “see” your goals every day? Do you really look at them and see them in your mind?

Your money goals
How much money do you see?

If you are anything like me, I am more a visual person – I need to SEE my goals, not just read them. Visually seeing them helps my mind really look at what my goals are. Luckily, earlier this year, I discovered I have Microsoft Live Movie maker on my laptop! With this already a part of what came with Windows, it was easy to learn how to make a movie about each of my goals!


So on my laptop and my office computer, I have a copy of my “Goal Movie” that I can watch every day. That way I don’t have to read a goal and then visualize it in my mind. I can see the BMW I wish to drive and look at what it even looks like! I also have goals there for my insurance agency that plays inside the movie too.


Goals on my weight, my physical looks, my vacations, my travels, my money and my business. It has really helped me – a very visual person, to follow my goals better. I’ve had written goals for over 10 years now but struggle to reach them. I feel like this year is my best year yet and it is due to this Mind Movie I created. Try it yourself, watch it each morning and night and you’ll find yourself on your way to reaching your goals too!

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