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Whether you just own your own home or several rental properties, the above link will get you to our property owner page.

We have some of the best insurance companies for homeowners insurance but also for landlord insurance. For homeowners, it is recommended that you carry replacement cost in case of a loss or damaged home. You will want to put it back like it was prior to the loss. Most homeowner insurance policies will do just that, if written for the correct insurance amount.

And what you can sell it for vs replacement cost will be 2 different amounts too. So don’t confuse market value with replacement cost – they will more than likely be 2 different figures.

We insure over 100 landlords in New York – from someone that owns 1 or 2 rentals to several hundred rentals. We also have the insurance companies that will write these types of policies. Some of these insurance companies want you to carry at least 50% or what the replacement value is for the particular location. Where others will insure it for whatever the current value is.

So landlord insurance can be at replacement cost, 50% of replacement or actual cash value.

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