Installing a pool this summer?

Installing a pool this summer?

Pool’s are great, fun, cooling and awesome.

Pool at your home
Your Pool

But they also come with dangers – people getting hurt around them. One thing homeowner’s need to understand is the risk they face and how to protect it.Homeowners should spend $25-$150 to increase their liability limits on their homeowner insurance policy. The typical homeowner policy has $300,000 of liability protection included with it. For about $25, they could increase the homeowner insurance policy to One Million dollars of protection ($1,000,000). This is the inexpensive way to protect a new pool owner. For about $150 a year, a homeowner can buy a personal umbrella insurance policy. This insurance policy “goes over” a homeowner insurance policy and adds One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) of liability protection. So this would be in addition to the $300,000 of liability protection that comes with a typical homeowner insurance policy.

Installing a pool this summer?

Be a smart insurance consumer and talk to your insurance adviser. It might just save your home due to a bad pool accident.

Tom Larsen,

Independent Insurance Broker

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