Restaurant Insurance Quote in New York

Restaurant Insurance Quote in New York

As a former restaurant owner myself, our agency caters to and understands the restaurant business. Whether you have a high-end fine dining place, a corner neighborhood restaurant or a pizzeria, we have options for you. Over 11 different insurance companies who want your type of business – restaurant, bar, deli or coffee house.

And not all insurance companies are rating you equally either. Some will use annual sales figures for the liability charge of your place. Some will use the square footage of your restaurant, less the kitchen area for the liability charge. And some will just add on a flat charge to a Businessowner policy (BOP).

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For any bars most insurance companies will charge based on annual sales (an insurance company will use “bar” rates, if alcohol sales over 40-45% of total sales.

You can see how rates can vary from company to company because they don’t all rate the same way. Plus in New York State, the rates they use must be filed with the insurance department. Insurance companies cannot use arbitrary rates but only the one’s filed through the state.

Restaurants is one commercial line of business that we specialize in. We know it, like the owner/operators and understand the needs of restaurant owners.

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