Since when does insurance have to do with funny commercials & characters?

Insurance rates slashed
I can slice your insurance costs.

This would be a ridiculous ad to use for auto insurance, so why do companies use character’s and jokes to push auto insurance?

I think it is because they want to take your eye off “protection” and safety/security of your family and possessions and make it come down to price.

But when polls are done with consumers, price is often the 4th or 5th item on the most important list. So consumers are smarter than those dumb, outrageous commercials auto insurance companies are airing. They want great insurance coverage, with a great insurance company, who will stand behind their product at claim time.

In 2014, auto insurance companies are already making changes going forward, based on past experience. One is scraping their program for a brand new one, 3 have lowered rates for the very best “tiers” (Excellent driver’s, great credit, homeowner), 6 have raised rates (or will in 1st quarter) and 4 have made no changes.

This is why you cannot believe claims made by these “cute” character’s that insurance is different with them. It is an ever moving thing, changing constantly and one where those involved in it, need to keep up with these changes.

Be ware of those mis-leading claims made by some insurance companies. They want to take your attention someplace else instead of where it should be – on your families safety, security and protection.

By Tom Larsen

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