Which Social Media is best for Professionals?

Which Social Media is best for Professionals?

How does everyone on the planet have a course on how to use – Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr for business?

If I listened to all of them, I would never attend to my business. I am an insurance broker, own an independent insurance agency. So in my profession, I seem to use LinkedIn and Facebook more than those other social media site’s.

But I am an open minded person and was wondering which of these site’s do you use? What has been beneficial to your business?

Facebook and social media

Facebook seems to be quite popular with a lot of my clients, so that is why I am there (go where they are, right?). But with so many more to chose from, am I where I should be?

Would love to hear your take on Social Media Platforms and where you spend the most time. Thanks.

By Tom Larsen

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