Who Do You Take Expert Advice From?

Who Do You Take Expert Advice From?

It amaze’s me that some people listen to so-called “experts” for their advice or fall trap to someone’s outlandish claims of expertise. For example, does your financial adviser drive a Mercedes Benz or a Ford Focus? Do they have a $400,000 portfolio like you? Do you know?

Is it the money you earn?
Are They Successful?

Or like your CPA/Accountant, are they in a growing, thriving practice? Or do you go into a back office with 1960’s style wallpaper on the wall? Do they act successful?

How about your attorney, do they have a nice office, take your calls (without always being “on-the-clock”) and give you suggestions?

Who Do You Take Expert Advice From?

And your insurance agent (my field), do they keep you informed with monthly newsletters, email tips, referral rewards, yearly reviews? Do they pick up the phone within 3 rings or hide behind voice-mail? Do they respond to your email questions?

Far too many “experts”, are fakes or frauds, pretending to be who they are not. They don’t “walk-the-talk” and really show what they really are. Successful advisers don’t have to fake it – they act it every day.

Who Do You Take Expert Advice From?

It should be a question you ask yourself in any professional adviser situation.

It is the fairest you can be to yourself.

Tom Larsen,

Speaker, Author, Insurance Adviser

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