The art of listening.

The art of listening.

There is a good coffee franchise here locally and I think they have horrible training for their staff.

Coffee House Service is….

It seems every time I go there, either they get the order wrong or repeat it wrong and I have to correct them. It gets frustrating when a service business like them, doesn’t train the people in the art of listening. Listening is a very simple skill but one that gets way overlooked in managment circles.

I would spend a whole day, in training, just on the art of listening. Whether it is a phone skill session or an in=person business, this must be done right. The art of listening is a lost art.

The art of listening

Consumers want to buy from you, spend money with you but only if you understand their needs.

Tom Fishburne┬áhad a good cartoon and article regarding this using the airlines as his example. I agree with his article and probably the fact that all good customer service starts at the very top. If you have poor leadership, then poor manaagement, you’ll get poor customer service skills.

The art of listening should be a course in every companies training.


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