What advice to give to a 23 year old daughter?

I came home last night to find out my wife had Skype’d with our 23 year old daughter, who is in Australia right now. Our daughter is at a cross-road in life, having graduated cum laude from college and unsure of her next move.


Danielle cooking in Africa
Danielle in Africa

See, she was suppose to be serving until Jan 2014 in te Peace Corp, in Mali, West Africa but that got cut short due to a coup overthrough of their government. So with those plan now gone, what is the next move? When I was her age (23), I had already married, bought a house and bought my 1st business (a bar/restaurant) and had goals, dreams, visions of what I wanted to do! Of course, those changed over time, as I am now in the insurance business and my 3rd career (a happy one, I might add). Now what advice do I give my kid? Not sure how to steer her, how to advise her what the best course of action is. The decisions you make at 23 could affect the rest of your life. I want her to pursue her passion, the thing that truly makes her happy. I don’t think sitting in a cubicle would make her life complete. Life is funny sometimes – what we are willing to settle for in our lives. Punching a clock from 9-5 and getting 3 weeks vacation seems good for most people. But does that bring true happiness to their lives? I think about that sometimes – why do many people settle for mediocrity? I don’t want my daughter to settle for that. Passion, love, life, happiness….all things hoped for but sometimes hard to get. I think I’ll tell her to pursue those – passion, love, a life fulfilled and happiness. A person’s life could be complete by following this. Don’t you agree?  

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