Who can drive my car with my auto insurance?

Who can drive my car with my auto insurance?

Your at-fault auto accident
My daughter’s friend caused this!

Recently, a client of ours let his daughter use the car for shopping. He was unaware that her newly licensed friend was going to have a turn at driving. Well as luck would have it (bad luck) she got into an accident.

The conversation between our insured and me was – “Am I covered for this?” and “What do I do now?”

Yes, he is covered for this, as anyone that you give permission to use your car is covered under your        auto insurance. In his case, the daughter’s friend had implied permission because the daughter was a licensed member of the household and an insured under the terms of the auto insurance policy.

The same thing would incur if you gave your sister, a neighbor, you cousin or a work friend your vehicle to temporarily use. The only time you are NOT covered by your auto insurance is when the car is reported stolen. That way if your car hits 3 other cars, hits a building or knocks down light standards, you are NOT responsible.

I had a client not long ago say “My son is allowed to use my car 15 days out of the year”. I don’t know where he got that figure from but it isn’t correct – there is no limit on how many times someone could borrow your car. In my agency we always say no question is a dumb question because I know you aren’t reading that auto insurance policy, so depend on our advice.

We actually like it like this, as we consider ourselves professional advisers and not policy pusher’s (like a LOT of agents out there).

So if you have a question on insurance, give us a call 1-716-684-3203, even if you are insured someplace else. We love helping others, who sometimes don’t trust their own insurance company.


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