Why do you do that thing?


That is the question we should be asking ourselves…a LOT.

I am reminded of a story Zig Ziglar used to tell: A newly married woman was preparing a ham for a holiday dinner and she cut off both ends of the ham. Her husband asked, Why did you do that? She said my mom always did it that way. Well call up your mom and ask – Why? Her mom said, grandma always did it that way. Call Grandma.

Grandma was called and said my mother always did it that way, call great grandma. Great grandma was called and asked, why did you cut off the ends of the ham? She said….my pan was too short!

What are you doing just because it was always done that way?

Are you stuck in a job because you never questioned WHY?

What else are you doing by never asking WHY?

Questioning your habits, your reading selection, your TV habits, your own job….Why?

It should be asked more often of ourselves. Ask yourself more questions.

Why? Why? Why?

By Tom Larsen


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