Why I hate Progressive Insurance commercials.

Why I hate Progressive Insurance commercials.

First, let me say that I sell Progressive insurance as an independent broker, as they sell direct to the consumer and through independent brokers. I don’t like this either but use them sparingly, usually people with DUI’s or multiple tickets or on the commercial side, tow trucks and dump trucks.

Having said that, I particularily don’t like their “name your own price” commercials, which just restarted recently.

Why I hate Progressive insurance commercials:

They will keep lowering & lowering coverage’s (liability mostly), until you find a price you like! The danger in this? You have a high net worth to protect or a nice home to protect. You have teenagers on the road driving – the highest risk of drivers there is. You drive your kids and their friends to soccer practice, baseball practice, swim meets or band practice.

And your risk factors aren’t something to place you on a form with 1,000 other driver’s! How you use your vehicles, what kind of cars you drive, homeownership or renter, kids driving or not, where you live…all factors that vary from person to person.

And what assets you are trying to protect is different than your neighbors too. After all, insurance is a transfer or risk at it’s purist meaning. So what risk are you willing to keep and what risk are you willing to transfer?

Why I hate Progressive insurance commercials:

It is NOT a one-size-fits-all answer? If you are 22 years old with no assets, then I say fine, this is for you. If you are 40 years old, with a young family, a nice home, good paying job – then NO. Maybe Progressive is the best deal for you but an Independent Insurance Broker would be able to tell you that when he or she compares them with other insurance companies.

Only an independent insurance broker has a clients best interest at heart and can shop the insurance marketplace for you. Our unbiased opinion will help the consumer to cut through all the commercial hype these other companies use to make you seem like they have the greatest rates.

Do you own online research but then seek out the advice of an independent insurance broker to find out the coverage & price that are right for you risk.


By Tom Larsen, Speaker, Author, Adviser

2 thoughts on “Why I hate Progressive Insurance commercials.

  1. I hate the progressive commercial that end withs flo saying sprinkles are for winners. I believe that sends the wrong message. It is a disgraceful commercial.


    My dad, Mike Tomars, was employed by Progressive Insurance for 16
    years.To say that he was “employed” by them doesn’t accurately describe
    his time with the company. He never missed a day of work since 1996. He
    regularly received “exceeds expectations” on his performance
    evaluations, which again doesn’t do justice to the time and energy he
    put into that company. Employees like my dad are the reason Progressive
    Insurance is so successful. As a child, and even well into adulthood,
    I witnessed his unrelenting work ethic and selfless dedication to a
    company that allowed him to raise me as a single father and put food on
    the table and shelter over my head. My dad wasn’t simply employed by
    Progressive, he gave 16 years of his life to that company.
    In January 2010, my dad was in a terrible car accident while on the
    job, driving a Progressive owned vehicle. In the accident, he sustained
    a very serious brain injury which left him permanently disabled and no
    longer able to work. The at fault driver’s insurance company paid their
    policy limits to my dad without making any excuses, just like an
    insurance company is supposed to do. That’s what they’re meant for,
    right? That’s the whole point of having insurance. Providing coverage
    is what insurance companies get paid to do. A huge chunk of that money
    went to pay back workers compensation for my dad’s hospital bills, brain
    therapy bills etc…, and to his attorney.“ From the time of the accident until August 2012 Progressive
    stood by my dad, perhaps their most loyal and hard working employee.
    Then without warning Progressive filed a motion with the court saying
    they didn’t have any coverage for my dad’s car accident. For 2 years
    they acknowledged that they had 1 million dollars in under-insured
    motorist coverage, but when it came time to pay they began a sickening
    series of under-handed attempts to avoid accountability.
    First Progressive tried to bring the case to Ohio (where the company’s
    is headquarters are located), because Ohio state law would allow them to
    not provide any under-insured motorist coverage. THE ACCIDENT DIDN’T
    HAPPEN IN OHIO, IT HAPPENED IN MINNESOTA! What the hell Progressive?
    Why are your attorneys trying to apply Ohio state laws to an accident
    that happened in Minnesota? That has to be the most shameless, sleazy,
    and ridiculous way to try and slither out of honoring one of one of your
    own policy’s that’s meant to cover one of your own employees who for 16
    years dedicated his life to your company, and greatly contributed to
    your success. It doesn’t end here, it gets better, or should I say
    worse :(

    In August of 2012 they claimed that the woman in policy services (who
    works for Progressive) had sent copies of the wrong declarations page
    and policy covering the vehicle my dad was driving to my dad’s attorney,
    and they denied that the vehicle my dad was driving (which was owned by
    Progressive, garaged and licensed in Minnesota) had any such coverage.
    When the woman was asked if she was aware of this during her deposition,
    she swore under oath that she prided herself in her work and that by
    certifying/notarizing the declarations sheet, she was certifying that
    they were indeed true and accurate copies of the policy covering the
    vehicle my dad was driving, and that she was certain she hadn’t made any
    mistakes. My dad’s attorney also obtained depositions from a couple of
    the people in underwriting who wrote the policy covering the vehicle my
    dad was driving, and under oath they did confirm they intended to have
    the cars of their fleet comply with the laws of the state of Minnesota that they were garaged and driven in and that they intended there to be 1 million in coverage. So, that would mean they would be obligated to provide 1 million in underinsured motorist coverage to my dad but, now they say we didn’t mean it we don’t owe him anything……

    Only Progressive’s lawyers deny that there was any coverage on the
    vehicle my dad was driving, while their own employes whose job it is to
    write these policies swear under oath that the vehicle has coverage, and
    provide notarized documentation as evidence. Is it not obvious (and disgusting) what Progressive is trying to do here? But if you think they treat their employees poorly, they treat their customers even worse. In 2010 Katie Fisher was in a car accident in Maryland where she was struck and killed at and intersection by a car that ran a red light. The insurance company for the at fault driver quickly paid their insurance limits to Katie’s family. But because the
    at fault driver was under-insured, that didn’t amount to much. So it fell to Progressive to cover the difference between the other guy’s insurance and the value of Katie’s policy. As you might expect, Progressive searched for ways to avoid this. Progressive sent their own lawyers to defend the driver responsible for Katie’s death in an attempt to find Katie at fault for the accident, so they wouldn’t have to pay her family. I’ll give you a moment to think about that.
    Here’s a quote from her brother, Matt Fisher, who wrote this on his tumblr blog about how poorly Progressive was treating his family:

    “Carrying Progressive insurance and getting into an accident does not entitle you to the value of your insurance policy. It just pisses off Progressive’s lawyers. Here I address you, Prospective Progressive Insurance Customer: someday when you have your accident, I promise that there will be enough wiggle room for Progressive’s bottomless stack of in-house attorneys to make a court case out of it and to hammer at that court case until you or your surviving loved ones run out of money.”

    If your still reading this, thanks for hanging in there. I know it’s a
    lot. What I would like you to do is like this post and re-blog it as
    much as possible to spread awareness of Progressive’s disgusting
    behavior so that they will be held accountable for their actions. And so
    my dad, Mike Tomars, can get what he rightfully deserves after working
    hard his entire life. Thanks!
    -Anthony Tomars