Winter & Goals – Are You Prepared?

Winter & Goals – Are You Prepared?

As the snow fly’s in Buffalo, NY today, I am reminded about winter preparation. Where are my gloves? Where are my winter shoes? Do I have a snow brush in the car? Do I have a scraper in the car? Is there windshield solution in the car. Are the snow shovels buried in the garage somewhere? Is my business overcoat Cleaned? ….oh, there is the $5 Starbucks card!

Starbucks card in winter coat!
Coffee Card Found!


Now my goals can be compared to my winter preparation.


Are they clearly defined? Are the measurable? Do I have them written down? Are they big enough to make me reach for them harder? Are they in a place I can clearly see? Are they at home, as well as, my office? Do I need to adjust them? Do I have some reward tied to reaching them?


I think your own goal setting can be compared to preparing for winter. But most people wait until the last minute to be prepared. I challenge you to prepare NOW for 2013. Don’t wait until Jan 1st to do this, do it now.

Your 2013 will be much better if you do the preparing NOW.

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