Your Own Success – Mind Movies

Everyone has goals, whether written down or just told to yourself in your mind.

And everyone was born with success inside them – if you would just believe it!

This year I found already built in tool to help me better – Windows mind movies!

With your Windows platform comes this free tool.

I am a money magnet
Money now flows to me.

So you can download pictures, like the one here which I used. I put in things I wanted to buy, money goals for the year, travel places to go, spiritual goals and things I wanted to do in the year.

Then I took a music track I liked – Gonna Fly Now from Rocky and placed that into the movie. Now I have something I can watch and listen to every day! My movie is only 1:30 long but it sets my day for what I want to accomplish!

Why I am writing this now, is I am already thinking about 2013 and what I want to accomplish. I am preparing for my new mind movie for next year.

Try it – create your own mind movie now! Maybe for a short term (90 days) goal or someting you are attempting to achieve. The tool is there waiting for you to use – so use it!

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